A status Update

JSG Studios, for me has always been my home for things that I have created for many years. If it was Photography, Digital art or Prints. Recently I received a membership to NAPP. (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) This was a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of Photoshop. Then something happen. NAPP, which is run by Kelby Media Group, changed thier membership structure. NAPP members are now part of Kelby Training. This means that I have all of the training videos for Photography.

I found myself watching Scott Kelby teaching a class on Composition. It didn't occur to me that the video was on youtube and that it was published on June 5th of 2012. In one section of this class he was talking about portfolios and displaying your best images. I was always under the impression of more is better. I was wrong, and watching Scott Kelby doing this class, it open my eyes to what has been so wrong with how I approached my site. 

I have taken down most of the site except the front page and this blog. I wanted to re-work all of my products and finally re work my portfolio. So, when I have completed the final stages of re-working this site and it's content, also my next art project, this site will be in much better shape in order to handle a better experience. 


Thank you for reading

The Youtube Video Mentions can be viewed here Scott Kelby's Crush the Composition

Water On the Rocks


Water-on-the-RocksI have always been drawn to waterfalls and how the water is manipulated by rocks and boulders you see and the ones you can not see under the water. The flow of directions it chances and the colors that follow. I really enjoyed painting this image and look forward to my next waterfall project.

This is a digital oil painting of a stream water fall from a creek outside of Cades Cove in East Tennessee. Every stroke is hand done from a Wacom Bamboo Capture and Photoshop CC.

Completely done on a computer, this is a fairly large project because of the size of the image. At 250 Pixels per inch and 50 X 30 inches, this image sizes up at 12500 X 7500 pixels. This will provide a crisp clean print at 72 X 43 or smaller prints.

These are some close up pictures of the image to show some better detail.
 closeup-2 closeup-3 closeup-1

Currently you can purchase this print at Fine Art America. At FAA, they provide the best print quality and size availability of any company that I have seen. I highly recommend FAA for any large print like this.

Have a look at the Water on the Rocks page on Fine Art America

Four Peaks Update

I wanted to give an update to the Four Peaks project and its progress.

Four Peaks

In the above pictures you can see where i have laid down the basic substructure of the scene. You can also notice that there is some detail to the four peaks themselves. For Size purposes you really can not see the detail. This will be a 40in by 20in print so the detail is small.


In this picture, I have blown up what one of the peaks will look like at 100%. here you will be able to see the detail that is involved in painting this.

The Mountains will take awhile to finish and clean up, but this is a good thing. The Time it will take to complete the mountain areas will give me time to get an upgrade to my painting hardware. In order to create the desert scene with plants and grass areas, I will have to get the Intuos 5 touch. This will allow me to angle and rotate the pen (Brush) in the program and get the desired effect for that area.

intuos5This is the Intuos 5 touch small. This will enable me to do so much more with not just this painting, but many other projects. The Pen allows me to rotate the brush in the program, by rotating the pen its self. This process alone increases productivity and opens new possibilities with new technics. There are also other features that dwarfs my current pen-pad set up.

until then, this current project will be awhile.

Project “Four Peaks”

project-4pksThe "Four Peaks" project is a digital painting of the Four Peaks mountain range in Arizona. Last year I took a trip back home to Phoenix and I was taken to Four Peaks. For the whole 17 years I lived there in Arizona, I have never been to Four Peaks. The style of the mountains and the way they are viewed is inspiring. This image depicts the basic lines that I will need to use for reference. It will be painted digitally with a sunrise color scheme. The set up will be for a max print size of 70 Inches by 20 inches.

New art

For as long as I can remember, I have always been an artist. Drawing little things here and there, bigger things later on in high school, and now with the computers I have been doing digital art and design. Mostly Design work, Creating Logos, Web Site Headers and such.

Receintly I have been learning to make digital oil painting type art. Then display and sell that art on Fine Art America. My first painting was fairly simple, but I really liked how the colors came out. The first Painting to be up for sale is called "Storm of Orange"

Storm Of Orange paintingI wanted to do a few things with the idea that was in my head at the time. I wanted to simulate the morning sunlight as is passes through the smoke of a far off wildfire, and how it effects the colors of the clouds. I did this at a high resolution to get an end result of 40 inches by 20 inches. After getting the end result I wanted I added a fairly simple paint filter to the image to give the painting a little more character. hires_sooThis was ideal thing to do to this image, due to the color palette being primarly in the same color wheel. I really enjoyed creating this painting and hope you enjoy it as well.

I have several other paintings in the works and have several ideas. I will update the blog when that time comes.

Whats with these ads???

Recently I have added a few new ads. These ads help pay bills where it concerns the site. It also helps to get get new art materials and hardware. The one thing I will not do is put up an ad that I do not believe in. My most priroatized ad is the hostgator ad. I have been with them since 2009 after trying several other services. I have made a page explaining why I have stuck with them for so long. You can view it here.

These Images that are used for these ads were constructed by myself using images mostly from Zazzle. That is the source of these images and the linking to those sections. I just thought I would explain why these ads are there.

Oh ya. I am also creating a tutorial on how I made the animated ads as well. Look for that in the future.

Portfolio is on its way back

I have currently taken down the portfolio section of the site. I currently have plans to add more to it, and to spice it up as well. It will return.